Withdrawal Trading Plan Bundle

Withdrawal Trading Plan Bundle

Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan, Your Plan Will Work


This trading plan allows for someone to know the times to trade and gives people a withdrawal schedule so they are not just trading to trade, but they are trading to withdraw and grow. You can't pay bills or increase your lifestyle from money you should have withdrawn. Here is a simple to use trading plan. Only thing you have to do is edit your account balance and how many days will you be trading per week and the rest is done for you. 


Also attached is the What To Do With A Dollar spreadsheet that will allow you to be able to plan your finances out like the big players. The first thing to realize about money is that it is not all yours! Secondly is that not everyday is going to be a sunny day so you need to have a rainy day fund. This spreadsheet will help you with the planning of your finances.

  • How To Instructions

    Withdrawal Plan: 
    Only 2 fields to change.

    1. How much is in your brokerage account

    2. How many days a week are you going to trade.

    (Screenshot or print this schedule to stay on target, because every week your starting balance will change so you can get the new weekly lot size.)


    What To Do With A Dollar

    Put how much your check was for the week and the spreadsheet will do the rest.

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